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Jay NEU- Lead pastor

Jay Neu's life was revolutionized by Jesus Christ immediately after his commitment to God. Jay knew deep in his heart he was called to Pastor, teach and care for the people of God in a local church. God led Jay to Pastor a congregation located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Living Waters Christian Church grew in Minnesota over the years and ministries were developed and were a blessing to many.

After 24 years of Pastoral ministry in Minnesota, change was at hand. After a time of fasting and prayer Jay sensed in his heart God was leading him back to California where he was raised. Jay, his wife Janet and a group of like precious faith people, founded Unique Life Family Church. The purpose of ULFC is founded upon what Jesus spoke in Luke 4:18 "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord." (KJV)

Pastors Jay and Janet Neu are passionate about seeing God make people whole in every aspect of their lives, spirit, soul and body.


janet neU - lead pastor

God spoke to Janet Neu as a young girl about the ministry He had for her. God has empowered Janet to be a great encourager of people's faith in Christ. She has a passion to see people live by faith, conquer the barriers of sickness, fear and inadequacies that hold them back from experiencing God's best. Her teaching gift stirs the heart of those in attendance.

However, life was not always easy for Janet. She grew up in East St. Louis during the civil rights movement. She saw the destructive forces of prejudice, fear, violence and division wreak havoc on her community. Her Father was a firefighter at the time and she remembers fighting the fearful thoughts of whether or not he would survive each work shift. Through this, God imparted to Janet an overcoming attitude and a strong desire for unity among people. Her conversion to faith in Christ changed her life forever. She immediately became involved with a local church in St. Louis. Her commitment to prayer, the study of God's Word, spirit filled church services and the ministry of helps, caused her trust in God to grow mightily.

God's plan for Janet's life in ministry allowed her to serve on staff at Rhema Bible Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma and to be the Executive Administrator for Kent Henry Ministries St. Louis, Missouri. Janet worked as a supervisor in the daycare industry, as an office manager for a medical center and has owned her own foodservice business. She is a graduate of Rhema Bible College and Life Christian University.


Joseph Thomas- Associate Pastor

Joseph Thomas brings the unique gifts of mentoring and discipleship to the Pastoral staff at Unique Life Family Church. These characteristics were developed in Joseph both in High School as a peer counselor and as a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. He received an honorable discharged after 21 years of faithful service to our country. After retiring from the Navy Joseph received a Masters Degree in Organization Leadership from Azusa Pacific University and began a passionate pursuit of God. He has served faithfully in two local churches where He was in Ministry of Helps leadership for over 8 years.

Joseph served in Men's Small Groups, C3 Home Group Leader, Men's Retreat Coordinator, Hospitality and Community Outreach. Joseph has a compassionate heart for the hurting and disfranchised people of this world. His powerful testimony of rejection to redemption is revealed in his deliverance by God from the painful memories of childhood trauma. He longs to see people fulfill God's wonderful plan for their lives.


Anna Thomas - Associate Pastor

Anna Thomas was raised in a small town in south Texas, she is the eighth of ten children. Her family upbringing developed in her a strong work ethic and strength in leadership. She worked in the retail industry for 19 years which included sales, management and human resources. Although her work experience was going very well, she sensed an emptiness in her personal life. This turned her to God and Anna made Jesus the Lord of her.

After her commitment to Christ, Anna developed a passion for Jesus and His Word. Anna has served as a leader in Children's ministry, Young Adult Leadership, small group Bible study, women's ministry, prayer line, altar call, hospitality and outreach. She has a strong desire for people of all ages to see God's love, mercy, healing, wholeness and purpose in their lives.

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